Wick Football Club in Wick Village, Littlehampton.

Wick Football Club in Wick Village, Littlehampton.

Address: Crabtree Park/Coomes Way, Littlehampton, BN17 7LP.

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Tel: 01903 713535



Wick Football Club

Wick & Barnham United FC are extremely pleased to be supported by the traders of the wickvillage.com initiative.

They are supporting the Football Club by advertising their new logo, wickvillage.com, on an advertising board that is put up around the ground at our home pitch which is in Coomes Way, just past the Locomotive public house, and by giving the team yellow T-shirts with the logo on the front of the T-shirts for the players to wear all over the Sussex County as warm up tops for the players, therefore promoting the village of Wick around the County of Sussex but especially at home at Crabtree Park, Wick.

The Club would like to thank the traders for all the support it is giving to the Wick & Barnham United Club and with our success we hope to promote Wick Village.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to either come to a game or to hold a function at the club.

Keith Croft, Chairman.