Wick Village Traders Association

The Wick Village Traders Association

The Wick Village Traders Association


It all started when...

The Wick Village Traders Association was set up in 2007, initially to form a partnership with Littlehampton Town Council to fund Christmas lighting in the Wick Shopping area, and to address the many issues facing local businesses.

Since then it has gone from strength to strength, working closely with Wick Information Centre, All Saints Church, Littlehampton Town Council and several local organisations to promote the traders interest while at the same time actively and financially supplementing many community initiatives such as the popular ‘Wick Week’ and the spectacular ‘Wickmas’ Christmas event.

Some of the trader’s stage in store events, such as the Flower Shop’s charitable fun days, which are always well supported. And now we proudly present the jewel in the crown, our brand new website, which has been initially paid for through 106 funding by the new Morrisons supermarket. The site will actively promote all the shops, businesses and organisations in Wick, along with forthcoming events and attractions. If you are a trader please feel free to showcase your business on these pages, and if you are a local resident or just visiting the site we feel sure you’ll be amazed by the strength and diversity of all the companies shown.

We would love to hear your views on our new venture so please leave a comment or if you feel we need to highlight any other issues just drop us an email. There is a vibrant community spirit in Wick that we feel is quite unique, and hopefully our site will further enhance and enrich this spirit.

Happy Browsing

Roger Arthur